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1) Interview with Paul Fusco - from The Hollywood Reporter in May 2012.

2) Interview with ALF - from The New Extraterrestrial Times 25th Anniversary ALF Newsletter.

3) Interview with Liz Sheridan - available for viewing on the ALFanatic website.

4) People Magazine - did an article about the main cast of ALF in their "Where are they now?" segment. You can view the article here.

5) Interview with Alf Clausen - this interview was originally from John Crabtree's Planet Melmac page, which was located on Angelfire before it closed down. It is from around 1999-2000.

6) G.I. Joe Magazine ALF Interview - this is from the Spring 1988 G.I. Joe Magazine.

7) What's Hot for Kids ALF Interview - from April 1988. Contributed by Sam Stokes of the ALF Wiki.