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Here is some hilarious ALF Trivia you can test on your friends. Just make sure no one is drinking any milk or you might need a commercial cleaning service for the mess!

Q: How long did ALF's Uncle Tinkle have the Melmacian hiccups?

A: 50 years

Q: What was the name of the Mexican boy that stayed with the Tanners?
A: Luis

Q: What was the name of the soap opera that ALF wrote for?
A: One World to Hope For

Q: What is Willie's middle name?
A: Francis

Q: What is the first name of Jake Ochmonek's mother?
A: Elaine

Q: What is the name of ALF's sister?
A: Augie (sister on ALF cartoons), or Dianne (half-sister, mentioned on ALF trading cards)

Q: Uncle Albert fainted (and died) after ALF offered him what food?
A: A cookie

Q: Who was the first guest star on ALF's Hit Talk Show?
A: Drew Carey

Q: What movie did ALF want to watch while Mrs. Ochmonek was babysitting Brian?
A: Psycho

Q: When ALF and Willie searched Death Valley for treasure what did they find?
A: Water

Q: (Fill in the blank) According to ALF, Lucky's words before bed were, "and if I die before I wake, chicken fry me like a ______?
A: Steak

Q: What position did Randy play on the football team?
A: Center

Q: What did ALF dress up as when he attended the Tanners' Halloween party?
A: An Alien

Q: How many fingers (total) does ALF have?
A: Eight

Q: How many paper routes did ALF get to help Lynn through college?
A: Ten

Q: What was the name of ALF's guardian angel?
A: Bob

Q: Who was ALF's co-host on ALF's Hit Talk Show?
A: Ed McMahon

Q: What name did ALF give to his ventriloquist dummy?
A: Paul

Q: ALF rigged the TV-Ratings to save what television show?
A: Polka Jamboree

Q: What was the name of the kid that was picking (and beating up) Brian?
A: Bobby Duncan

Q: How many teeth did Raquel's mother have?
A: Four

Q: According to Trevor Ochmonek, what are the THREE ways news can travel?
A: Telephone, telegraph, and tell Raquel

Q: The Tanners hosted a support group so ALF could break what addiction?
A: Cotton

Q: How many organs does ALF have?
A: Ten (eight of them are stomachs)

Q: When is ALF's birthday?
A: 28th of Nathanganger (October 28, 1756)

Q: Who complained about the Trevor and Raquel burning tires in the backyard?
A: Mr. Duncan

Q: What was Willie's nickname when he used to hop trains?
A: Boxcar Willie

Q: What did ALF try to puree in the blender?
A: A Rock