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1) Where do I get uncut ALF episodes?

The uncut/non-syndicated episodes have not been released in the United States; however, you can buy them on (don't worry - it is in English, and several other languages are options as well). There are still a few changes, but for the most part they are all there. You could also try finding a collector who has the original airings - we recommend the ALF TV Fan Forum classfieds for that.



2) How do I write ALF a letter (non-business)?

Good question! If you are interested in writing ALF a fan letter please visit the following link on the ALF TV Fan forum for more information. Be sure to read the whole thread!



3) How do I contact Paul Fusco (business only)?

Contact us and we will guide you through the appropriate channels. Note: Fan letters/questions and autograph requests do not classify as "business." Sorry...




4) Is ALF currently on TV?

Yes, he is! Visit our ALF on TV page to find out where he is being shown in your country.



5) Where can I find episodes of ALF's Hit Talk Show?

Unfortunately, it has not yet been released on DVD (and to be honest, the odds of it ever being released are not good). However, you can view a few of the episodes on the Bring Back ALF website!



6) What happened after the last episode?

This is a question that we get asked a lot! When the sitcom was cancelled, and NBC's promise to allow them to wrap-up the last episode went unfulfilled, fans waited six years until they had some closure. In 1996, Project: ALF aired as the ABC Movie of the Week. We don't want to spoil the ending, but we highly recommend that you purchase or rent the Project: ALF DVD to find out for yourselves!



7) What is currently going on with ALF?

ALF has made several guest appearances since leaving television (10-10-220 commercials, Hollywood Squares, The Larry King Show, The O'Reilly Factor, Good Morning America, etc.). Some of these can be viewed on our ALF on YouTube page. It is hoped that he will be returning to the big screen and have a movie out sometime in 2013-2014! Keep checking back at ALF TV for the most up-to-date information, or if you register at the ALF TV Fan Forum you will receive an email update as soon as we hear anything!



8) Where can I get in touch and talk with other ALF fans?

Best place is right here at the ALF TV Fan Forum! We have nearly 15,000 posts on ALF and over 500 members (from all over the world). We ocassionally have chat nights, which are always a good time!


9) Where can I find new ALF merchandise/memorabilia?

Other than ALF DVDs, we are sorry to say that there is nothing really available at present. Best place to find merchandise would be on (new old stock pops up moderately often). If an ALF movie hits the big screen, expect a lot of new merchandise at that time! You can also post a classified ad at the ALF TV Fan Forum - there are a lot of great collectors there!


10) What planet is ALF from?

ALF is from the planet Melmac (which is also what it was made out of). Unfortunately, the planet exploded in a nuclear holocaust - ALF was lucky to survive the explosion. Melmac is estimated to be smaller than earth, but larger than a gopher. Their moon was also green when certain atmospheric conditions were correct...or if someone threw up on it!


11) How old is ALF?

ALF has TWO birthdays (very common on Melmac) which are August 12 and October 28 in either 1756 or 1757 (there are conflicting years, and ALF is too old to remember).


12) How long do Melmacians live?

All Melmacians die at the same age, 650 (unless implosion or some other rare fate gets them first). The week before you go you give away all of your belongings; the year before you go, your credit cards are cancelled.


13) Is ALF single? Is he currently "looking"?

YES and YES!  ALF has never been married, although he was once engaged to a woman named Ruby for 58 years. They broke off their engagement when she took her love to town, even though ALF said "don't!"  ALF met a girl named Rhonda at a pet bake the very next day, but didn't ask her out for 17 years. The day after ALF asked her out for the first time, Melmac was destroyed.  ALF crash landed on Earth where he has resided ever since, whereas Rhonda eventually settled on the planet of New Melmac - a haven for displaced Melmacians.  So, while ALF is still living the life of a playboy bachelor, some tabloids claim that he still carries the torch for his old Melmacian flame - Rhonda.