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ALF's Hit Talk Show

ALF's Hit Talk Show made it's television debut on TV-Land on July 7, 2004. After several months of waiting for additional news, it was finally announced that the show would start airing weekly beginning November 5, 2004 with six new episodes!  After just seven episodes, it was decided that ALF's Hit Talk Show would not be continued...

AHTS was filmed on location at:
Tribune Studios
5842 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Paul Fusco - ALF (voice and puppeteer), Executive Producer
Ed McMahon - Announcer and Co-host
Kevin Butler - Sidewalk Reporter
R. Brian DiPirro - Director
Burt Dubrow - Executive Producer
Marc Summers - Creative Consultant

ALF's Hit Talk Show Episode Guide

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Original Press Release from 2004

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