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OVERVIEW: Win great ALF prizes this summer. Just register at the ALF TV Fan Forum and send an email to to enter giveaway, 1 post = 1 entry. Giveaway runs 5/14/2012 to 8/10/2012.

Fill out this form, and include your ALF TV Fan Forum username, to enter the giveaway!



Prize selections include:

1) ALF sitcom script (reproduction)
2) ALF sitcom DVD set (US releases only)
3) ALF Tales, ALF: Animated Adventures, or ALF Files DVD
4) Set of two ALF bumper stickers
5) Set of four ALF bookmarks
6) ALF puffy sticker set
7) “ALF for President” pin
8) First three ALF comic books



Giveaway Rules and Clarifications:

1) Members from all over the world are eligible; all you have to be is an ALF fan!

2) Must be a registered member at the ALF TV Fan Forum. You can join anytime, even if the giveaway has already started!

3) The Forum Administrator is not eligible to enter the giveaway (all other administrators/moderators are eligible).

4) To enter, all you have to do is post at the ALF TV Fan Forum. Starting May 14, 2012 (or whenever you join the forum if that date has passed) just fill out this form with your forum username to declare yourself eligible. Regardless of when you enter, all of your posts during the specified timeframe of the giveaway will be counted. Each post will count as one entry in the giveaway.

5) Beginning August 10, 2012 names will be written down and put into a jar/hat/etc. and winners will be drawn. Eight winners will be chosen and the first name chosen will have first pick of the prizes, second name chosen will have second pick of the prizes, and so on (a person’s name may be drawn more than once). After the winners are chosen ALF TV will begin making preparations to send the prizes off. Winners will receive a notification email and will have 48 hours to respond (if no response they forfeit their prize). Winners pay no fees (shipping, etc.) of any kind for winning in the giveaway! ALF TV will cover the cost of all prizes and shipping expenses.

6) Post Spamming: Members who post "one-liners" at the forum just to increase their post count will either have their post deleted (minor infraction) or be removed from the giveaway (major infraction). Whether a member is "post spamming" will be determined by the forum administrators and moderators. Answering a forum trivia question is the only exception. It is at the discretion of the forum administrators whether or not the post will count.

7) These rules, if needed, can be amended during the giveaway to clear up misconceptions or to help the Giveaway run more smoothly.

8) Giveaway runs 5/14/2012 at 12:00am (Forum Time) and ends 8/10/2012 at 11:59pm (Central Time - US). No posts before or after these dates and times are eligible for the ALF TV Summer Giveaway.

9) Forum trivia contest participants can also get entries in this contest (1 correct trivia response = 1 entry).



Please contact us with any questions.