Digital TV Recording?

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Digital TV Recording?

Postby SacrifyX on Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:24 pm

I know Alf's Hit Talk Show isn't on DVD officially, and that's extremely unfortunate.
I have a terrible quality bootleg DVD-R copy. The only benefit that it has is the fact that it still has the original commercials intact, and being a completist (and nostalgic), it's cool to see them.
But it looks like some awful quality VHS tape source that was recorded in LP Mode on a really cheap VCR.
This show was from 2004, and I have a DVD Recorder from 2003 (which still works believe it or not).
Anyway, did anyone catch the show straight digital (Satellite-To-DVD Recorder) by any chance?
I doubt TV Land will ever release the show on DVD, or even air the episodes again, although if they do air it again I will be ready to record it this time.
I know I can watch some episodes online in .mp4 or .avi format, and I know some segments are partially on YouTube, but I would like to have some higher quality DVD-R recordings.
I have a huge collection of early TV-related stuff, including some rare Alf and Paul Fusco stuff, I have some original Alf episodes that aired on FOX (along with Amazing Stories: Season 2 and Married With Children), plus way more.

I've been looking everywhere, but it seems like everyone has the same bad quality bootleg copy I have unfortunately.
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